OXYWAVE is a method of transporting substances and active substances in the deep layers of the epidermis with larger diameters than the spaces normally present within the skin layer – in the absence of needles, laser or chemical peels – by administering micro currents Electric (continuous and alternating) through a handpiece, are delivered at the surface skin level, which by means of a pure oxygen breath to nourish and smooth the skin naturally and safely. The system adopts a particularly easy-to-use nib, which “blows” on the skin of the pure oxygen face, which blends with active ingredients immediately make the skin brighter, refreshed and compact.


  • Power supply: 230 V +/-10%
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • CE: Classe II; tipo BF (EN 60601-1)
  • Absorbed power: 130VA
  • Output power: 50W
  • Oxygen output pressure: 34,5 ± 7 kPa
  • Output frequency: I out = 1,5 mA/cmq a 2,5 KHz carico 500 Ohm V MAX= 130 V a 2,5 KHz
  • Dimensions: 48 cm (L) 32 cm (W) 12,5 cm (H)
    5 Kg