HILIFT uses capacitive energy transfer to generate heat from the inside of the body (endogenous source); The physical principle is the polarization of the molecules, which act as electrical poles and orient according to the lines of force of the electric field generated between the two plates. The latest generation cooling system allows the HILIFT system to prepare the fabric to receive more heat, allowing electromagnetic waves to penetrate to the deep layer called SMAS.

BENEFITS: lifted skin, compact fabric, softened bags from the first session, long lasting results, deepest wrinkle removal, lip filleting, double-sided remodeling and dilated pores treatment.


  • Display: 10,4 touch screen
  • Type: RF
  • Frequency: 500K, 750K, 1MHz
  • High frequency electrical energy density: 7 J/cm3 -70 J/cm3
  • Refrigeration energy level: -10/25°C
  • Protection against electric shock: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz/
  • Power Supply: 600 VA
  • Net weight: 35 Kg
  • Total weight: 75 Kg